William’s fiancee` wants to eat crackers on Thanksgiving..

I have a question/problem I need help with. I’m going to my fiancés parents’ house for Thanksgiving this year for the first time ever. Well last night I was going on and on about how Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I can’t wait to stuff my face full of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pie, when she casually informs me that her family doesn’t celebrate a “traditional” Thanksgiving. Instead her family prefers to make Thanksgiving into a day of repentance for all the deplorable horrors the American Indians suffered due at the white man’s hand.

So in its place they prefer to fast, permitting the children to eat while they only allow themselves water, saltines and black coffee! I told her that this is pure insanity and if she wants me there that I will be bringing a bottle of wine and turkey potpie in my jacket pocket. Now she’s pissed and hasn’t stopped crying since yesterday claiming I don’t respect her or her family’s traditions! Come on! Its thanksgiving! Isn’t this lunacy? What do I do here?


(LETTERS TO THE POST) Girlfriend starts smoking.. at age 30

Guys I’m emailing you this morning because my girlfriend just turned 30 a month ago and for this milestone she started smoking. That’s right she started smoking which is really bizarre.

She basically tried it for the first time on her birthday when she had been drinking and she liked it almost immediately and now every time she drinks she buys a pack of cigarettes. How do I get her to stop? Why would someone start a bad habit so late in life? Do you think this is just a phase?


(LETTERS TO THE POST) She really wants him to “Go Super Sized”








I’m going to sound like Kim Kardashain or some other crazy shallow princess but I have a boyfriend who I know is going to propose to me in the next three to five months.  I’ve always dreamed of a big and beautiful engagement ring.  I’ve seen my dream ring.  It costs about $10,000 dollars more than what I know my boyfriend plans to spend on it.

The perfect engagement ring means more to me than even the wedding.  I mean if you think about it . . . I’ll be wearing it for the rest of my life.

Would I be wrong to have one of my friends tell him that I really want the more expensive ring?





(LETTERS TO THE POST) “Borrowed” Phone Leads To “Sexting”

<Editors Note> The names have been changed to protect the innocent.. and the girl that took “Erica’s” phone


My friend “Melissa” used my phone without my permission this weekend and sent a tweet of something that looked like a *****.  I tweet back and forth a lot for work purposes with my politically correct very religious bosses and some of them received this tweet.

How do I explain that even though I was a little drunk this weekend I didn’t send the drunk tweet?

The part that really has me mad is “Melissa” has not apologized.  How do I keep this from happening again?




(LETTERS TO THE POST) My Psycho Ex Thinks We Are Friends

My Ex girlfriend thinks we are still friends. She is really confusing an amicable break up over a decade ago with friendship. She found my email address and personal info. EVERYTHING is on the internet. She emails me every day, wants to be Facebook friends text messages me and it’s really not only a little creepy but inconvenient. My wife is getting a little upset and I don’t want to be a jerk and just tell my ex to get on the bus to Crazy-ville. But she’s acting that way.

How do I cut ties with her in a dignified way without being a complete jerk?



(LETTERS TO THE POST) Does She Really Want To Hang Out?

My sister and I love each other but we don’t really hang out. She lives in Kearney. She called me at midnight last night to tell me that she was at a club here in North Platte.

She didn’t call me when she was on line. She didn’t call me when she was on her way into town. She didn’t call me when she was on line in the club. She called me when she was inside at midnight.

Did she call to ask me to drop everything to hangout? Or did she call just so they wouldn’t feel guilty for not calling if I found out she was in town?


How Do Tell A Guy I Want To Be Friends So I Can Meet His Other Friends?

Hey guys my name is Dawn and I’m a huge fan of the North Platte Post, I read it every morning at my desk. So I’m emailing you because last night I ran into a guy I work with at a bar and he was with a bunch of his friends who I found very attractive. I didn’t hang out with them but I wanted too.

I wanted to know if you thought it would be weird if I befriended my work friend so I could get to know his other friends. I don’t want him to think I’m interested in him because I don’t date guys I work with. Do you think he’ll go for it?


(LETTERS TO THE POST) I think I’m In A “Father Daughter” Relationship

(Not an actual picture of Kristen…)

Hey guys my name is Kristen I’m 19 years old and dating a man in his late 40’s who I realized over our 1 year relationship acts like a father to me.

I know this sounds creepy but I realized that he’s the person who gives me advice and guidance on everything, stuff I would ask my father if he was alive. Now I find it weird that I’m with him but love him and don’t know if I can break it off.

So do you think I should break it off or do you think I’m overreacting?

Please help!


My name is Tami I’m emailing you this morning because yesterday I had a parent come to my house and yell at me for turning her 16 year old son away for trick or treating in barely a costume and just being too old in my opinion.

She said he had a costume on that he was Justin Bieber and that he should be allowed to trick or treat as long as he has a costume on. I thought it was weird that she even came over to tell me that it’s not like I had confrontation with her son, he laughed and kept on moving.

Do you think I had the right to turn her son away for trick or treating at the age of 16 and a sad excuse for a costume?