Smoke If You Got Em…Smoking and Drinking Combined Causes Worse Hangovers

Many people will tell you that they only smoke when they drink, and it is hard to argue that the …Read More

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Cut the Cussing…Catholic School Makes Girls Pledge Not to Cuss

Do you see a gender equality battle brewing or what?  To curse or not to curse… Administrators at a Catholic …Read More

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Ex NASCAR Driver Leads Police Chase

Police say a man who led authorities on a chase in Nevada and Utah is a former NASCAR driver. The …Read More

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** EXCLUSIVE ** Raw Audio: Beyonce Warms Up Vocals For Superbowl Performance

Exclusive audio obtained from Post Reporter Brendan McNulty of Beyonce warming up her vocals for her upcoming Super Bowl Performance. …Read More

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2013-01-31 09_28_18-Clipboard

Florida TV Reporter NAILS It When Drunk Tourist Interrups The Shot

This is HILARIOUS! / Local 6 TV reporter knows exactly how to handle herself when someone tries to mess …Read More

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Developmentally Disabled Girl Found Locked In Wooden Cage

A woman and her boyfriend have been arrested after police found an 8-year-old developmentally disabled girl locked in a wooden …Read More

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Americans Paychecks Decrease In 2013, Consumer Confidence Index Plunges

U.S. consumer confidence plunged in January to its lowest level in more than a year, reflecting higher Social Security taxes …Read More

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Study: Leafy Green Veggies Leading Source Of Food Poisoning

A government study has fingered leafy green vegetables as the leading source of food poisoning illnesses. However, the most food-related …Read More

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Theaters Embrace The Digital Age With ‘Tweet Seats’

You don’t have to turn your smartphone off at the Providence Performing Arts Center — at least not if you’re …Read More

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Pennsylvania Man’s Funeral Procession Makes One Last Stop at BK

Have it your way, even after you’ve journeyed on from this life apparently. Mourners for a Pennsylvania man wanted to …Read More

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Study Shows Alcohol Before Bed May Disrupt Sleep Cycle

We’ve all done it.  Can’t get to sleep at night, so we make our way to the liquor cabinet for …Read More

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The Super Bowl Is A Popular Time For Gambling, 2012 Wagers Reached $10 Billion

The time for Super Bowl fun and festivities are creeping right around the corner just like the man in a trench …Read More

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FL. Mother Pays For An Armed Deputy To Patrol School

A north Florida woman is paying an armed deputy to patrol her child’s elementary school due to safety concerns following …Read More

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Despite The Chilly Weather, Miss America Was At The Inauguration

Miss America Mallory Hagan says she made it to the inauguration on Monday despite the chilly weather. In an interview …Read More

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Texas Waiter Stands Up for Boy With Down’s Syndrome

As we scour our favorite sources of news and information, it’s often hard to find “feel-good” stories among all the …Read More

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Ridiculous Vending Machines from Around the World

When you think of vending machines, you probably think of soda and candy bars. But around the world, vending machines …Read More

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Woman’s Lost Dentures Found…In Throat

Here’s a story to chew on… A 75-year-old English woman misplaced her dentures and couldn’t find them anywhere. It was …Read More

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Woman Beats Boyfriend Unconscious While Holding Baby

In Seattle, a woman managed to beat her boyfriend unconscious – with her newborn baby strapped to her chest. Making …Read More

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Cops: Man Bit Off His Girlfriends Thumb While Driving

Police in Florida say a man bit off his girlfriend’s left thumb during a fight while he was driving her …Read More

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Is Subway Footlong Actually 11 Inches?

What’s in an inch? Apparently, enough missing meat, cheese and tomatoes to cause an uproar. Subway, the world’s largest fast …Read More

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Very Inspirational Story, Meet The Sports Illustrated Sports Kids Of The Year 2012

This video found on the Special Olympics Arizona Facebook page is truly heartwarming. Meet Team Long Brothers, a brother who …Read More

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Man Accused Of Shooting At The White House, Lawyers Looking For Documents

Lawyers for a man charged with trying to assassinate President Barack Obama by shooting at the White House are trying …Read More

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NYC School Bus Strike Enters Day #2

NEW YORK – A standoff between striking school bus drivers and aides looking for job protections and a city administration …Read More

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