Shipment Of Human Heads Arrives To A Chicago Airport

A shipment of 18 human heads held up by customs officials at O’Hare International Airport was bound for a cremation service in …Read More

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Have You Discovered The Power Of Oregano? (Interview)

This year the flu season has packed quite a punch, forty-seven states have reported widespread flu and surely, there are …Read More

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Ohio Teacher Sues School District Over ‘Fear of Children’

There are many things in life that make us go “hmmm,” and frivolous lawsuits are no exception. A teacher in …Read More

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Study Shows People with Brown Eyes More Trustworthy

A new study has shown that people with brown eyes are considered to be more trustworthy than those with blue …Read More

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Birth Date Tattoo Lands Woman in Hot Water with Cops, Shoulda Worn Long Sleeves

A Florida woman who tried to evade charges by giving a false name after an accident was identified … she …Read More

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Chocolate Bunny Melting Video Is Delightfully Strange

A weird way to sum-up the week but why not? Watch a few scenes of a chocolate bunny melting slowly. …Read More

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Authorities Say California School Shooting Suspect Targeted Bullies

Authorities say a boy who fired on classmates and wounded one at a rural California high school had planned the …Read More

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Police: Father Hit Son, Tied His Arms & Legs Then Locked Him In A Dog Kennel

A Wisconsin father is accused of abusing his son then locking him in a dog kennel until he fell asleep, …Read More

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Lay Your Eyes On Actual Footage Of A Giant Squid

In this video you will see the first-ever footage of a Giant Squid. A submarine project crossed paths with this …Read More

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Wildfires Out Of Control, Australian Authorities Searching For Bodies

Australian authorities are searching for bodies among the charred ruins of more than 100 homes and other buildings destroyed by …Read More

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Have You Ever Bought Bread To Later Discover Mold?

A Texas company could have an answer to some consumers’ unwelcome discovery that just-purchased loaves contain mold. MicroZap Inc., of …Read More

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Study Shows Women Who Deem Themselves Unattractive are More Career Driven .

According to a new study, women who think they’re unattractive, and fear they won’t be able to land a mate, …Read More

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Elderly Woman Punched In The Face After Answering The Door

A UK woman was attacked at her home on Wednesday, January 2nd by a person described as a young man …Read More

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Zombie Fish?

Anyone in the mood for fish n’ chips?

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2012 Hot Sheets Review (January 2012-December 2012)

January 2012:                                     …Read More

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DJ Earworm: United State Of Pop 2012

DJ Earworm’s yearly mashup is something to look forward to every year. What do you think of this years mashup?  

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Multiple Checks For $1Million Dollars Found In Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Worshippers usually leave notes to the Almighty at one of Judaism’s holiest sites. But half a billion dollars? Rabbi Shmuel …Read More

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American Red Cross Offers Safety Tips For The Holidays

While people in Nebraska and SW Iowa are finalizing plans for holiday events and travel, the American Red Cross has …Read More

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(VIDEO) Paula Deen – Baked French Toast Casserole!

Here’s a great idea for breakfast!!! Ya gotta love some Paula Deen!

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Vodka Saves A Life In Russia

Vodka saved two circus elephants in Russia from the deadly Siberian cold. Emergency ministry spokesman Alexander Davydov said Friday that …Read More

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Don’t Meth Around With Meth For Every Reason You See Here

The info-graphic you see here was created by Rehabs.com to spread the word about how Meth changes a person.The mugshots were taken from …Read More

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Basketball Blowout: Could/Should A 107-2 Final Score Have Been Avoided?

We’ve all seen one-sided scores in sports at all levels, but this latest incident has folks in the Hoosier State …Read More

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Apple App Store: Top 10 Downloaded Apps

App Store Official Charts for the week ending Dec. 10, 2012: Top Paid iPhone Apps: 1. Angry Birds Star Wars …Read More

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Man Strips At Austrian Museum Featuring Nudity

An Austrian museum says a man took the concept of life imitating art to an extreme when he suddenly stripped …Read More

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