The Correct Way To Pick-Up Chicks At The Gym

This is a common problem many guys seem to over-think. This is truly how you pick up a chick at …Read More

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Dead Zombie Or Blacked Out At A Stoplight After A Fun Night?

Police in Alabama were called to what looked like a woman shot dead in her car but found a Halloween …Read More

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Letters To The Post: Vote “No” On Proposed Amendment No.2

Next week, Nebraska residents will be voting next week on Proposed Amendment No. 2, which would make hunting and trapping …Read More

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Superstorm Sandy Reveals Human Skeleton Just In Time For Halloween

New Haven police say superstorm Sandy has revealed a skeleton beneath the town green that may have been there since …Read More

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Awesome Pumpkins Around North Platte. Do You Have An Awesome Pumpkin?

The North Platte Post asked on Facebook for pictures of your awesome pumpkin that you carved for Halloween.     …Read More

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Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy: Recently Uploaded Videos Of Chaos

Here’s a video of Manhattan’s utility provider, Con Ed, where you can see a rather large explosion around (:17) followed …Read More

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Check Out This Strongly Worded Message From NOAA About Hurricane Sandy

This is a statement from NOAA for the Mount Holly area of New Jersey. Pretty much it’s a huge “I …Read More

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Deer Breaks Into Office, Makes A Huge Mess In The Break Room

An 80-pound deer broke into an office building on Wednesday in Jackson, Miss., eventually ending up in the once clean and peaceful …Read More

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Officer Charged In Plot To, Not Just Kidnap Women, But Also Torture, Cook & Eat Their Bodyparts

A New York City police officer was charged Thursday in a ghoulish plot to kidnap and torture women and then …Read More

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WATCH: Abusive Teacher Caught Slapping Students Over 100 Times

The teacher in the video is shown slapping her student’s when they fail to correctly answer a question. According to …Read More

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Folks Must Be Serious When They Say, “That Stuff Will Kill Ya.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it’s investigating reports of five deaths and a non-fatal heart attack linked to …Read More

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Charges Filed After Girl In Skunk Costume Was Shot

Charges have been filed against a Pennsylvania man who shot what he thought was a skunk but was really his …Read More

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WATCH: The Baby Stink That Caused Bus Conflict

Seattle’s Metro Transit has apologized but says it won’t discipline the driver who asked a woman with a baby to …Read More

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Meteor Shower October 21st, Thanks To Halley’s Comet

The night sky will show a beautiful scene of shooting stars and North Platte is a great place to be …Read More

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Woman Slices Boyfriend’s Neck After Asking If He Loved Her

After reading this, you may feel like re-analyzing some of your relationships that give you that sort-of weird vibe. On …Read More

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Can You Solve A Rubix Cube With One Hand While Doing Push-ups?

Obviously this guy can. This takes Rubix Cube to a whole new level!

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Football Fortune/12-Weeks Of X-Mas Winners

WINNERS!! WINNERS!! WINNERS!! Marvin N. is Week #7 Football Fortune winner. Marvin picked 9 out of the 10 teams to …Read More

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WATCH: The Jump That Broke The Speed Of Sound

Officials say that Felix Baumgartner has become the first skydiver to break the speed of sound. At a news conference, …Read More

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Watch This Los-Angeles Debate Escalate To “You want to get into this?”

An increasingly bitter California congressional race between two House members of the same party turned physical when one aggressively seized …Read More

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VIDEO: Teen Sucker Punches Teacher In Pittsburgh, PA

[Action happens in the upper right corner] Pittsburgh police and school officials say a teenager who sucker punched an English teacher in …Read More

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WATCH: Baby Polar Bear Learns How To Walk.

The baby polar bear learns how to walk, takes a bath and noms on questionable looking food. This video earns …Read More

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Kerrey’s Political Ad Takes A Different Angle With Steve Martin

Steve Martin featured in Bob Kerrey’s political ad…Share your thoughts?

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Live Stream: Free Fall From Edge Of Space, 23-Miles Of Adrenaline

Extreme athlete and skydiver Felix Baumgartner will add the unofficial title of fearless today once he finishes a 23-mile free …Read More

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Son Allegedly Kills Mom & Sister, Calls 911: “I Wasn’t Even Really Angry”

On October 5th at around 12:30am, 911 received a very calm sounding call from 17-year-old Jake Evans, claiming he killed …Read More

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