Smoke If You Got Em…Smoking and Drinking Combined Causes Worse Hangovers

smoke-and-a-beerMany people will tell you that they only smoke when they drink, and it is hard to argue that the two do compliment each other quite well.  However, you may want to think twice about feeding your social smoking habit.

A new study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs shows that smoking cigs while drinking will actually make your hangover the next day worse.  Researchers found that people who drank heavily while smoking were more likely to have major hangovers the following day than those who just drink heavily.

The cause, is a chemical found in the tobacco smoke that is also created naturally by your body to clean out toxins when you tie one on. Therefore, combining alcohol and cigarettes actually overloads your system with toxins and chemicals and forces it to work doubly hard to rid itself of the foreign invaders.

So when you’re watching the big game, think about work tomorrow before you decide to give your body a double dose!



Cut the Cussing…Catholic School Makes Girls Pledge Not to Cuss

no-cussingDo you see a gender equality battle brewing or what?  To curse or not to curse…

Administrators at a Catholic high school in Northern New Jersey made their female students take a “no cursing pledge.”  However, some people are up-in-arms because the male students did not have to take the same pledge.

The organizer of the movement and teacher at Queen of Peace High School, Lori Flynn, said that there is no gender bias involved.  Stating that, while the male students weren’t asked to take the pledge, they were asked not to swear when girls are near.

Brother Larry Lavallee, the school’s principal, says the girls in their school have the foulest language, and they are simply trying to get ladies to act like ladies.

Girls at the school said they will try their best to stay true to their pledge, but they don’t understand why it doesn’t apply to all students.



Pennsylvania Man’s Funeral Procession Makes One Last Stop at BK

burger-king-hearseHave it your way, even after you’ve journeyed on from this life apparently.

Mourners for a Pennsylvania man wanted to pay their respects by making one last trip through the drive-through at the local Burger King. David Kime Jr. was a man who loved his fast food and especially the Burger King Whopper, according to his sister Linda Phiel.  Phiel said that Kime considered the lettuce on the burger his version of healthy eating.

Not only did they drive through, they even bought one last burger for Kime and placed it on his coffin prior to burial.

No statement could be found by the Post from Burger King, but we’re guessing a funeral procession, hearse and all, lined up at their drive-through probably wasn’t in their 2013 marketing plan.


Study Shows Alcohol Before Bed May Disrupt Sleep Cycle

a-little-nightcapWe’ve all done it.  Can’t get to sleep at night, so we make our way to the liquor cabinet for a little nightcap.

But a new study shows that we might want to think twice about drinking ourselves into a peaceful slumber.  While it has been proven that alcohol does help us fall into deep sleep faster, new information shows that that the sleep may not be a satisfying for our bodies.

Researchers found that the alcohol actually causes disruptions in the sleep cycle, therefore decreasing the quality of sleep, and wreaking havoc on concentration, motor skills and memory during the day.

But hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!


Texas Waiter Stands Up for Boy With Down’s Syndrome


As we scour our favorite sources of news and information, it’s often hard to find “feel-good” stories among all the crime and violence.  The Post has made it our mission to seek out more of the stories about the good things people in our world do.  Here is one of them…

A Houston waiter’s Facebook page has been inundated with friend requests and messages after a story of how he stood up for a special needs child went viral.

Michael Garcia, a waiter at Laurenzo’s, was serving a family who have been regulars since the restaurant opened. The family includes 5-year-old Milo, who has Down syndrome.

“Milo wasn’t being bad, he was just talking and making little noises,” Garcia told But a customer at a nearby table who was also with his family began making comments about Milo.

The customer got up from the table and moved his family to another table further away from Milo, but still in Garcia’s serving section.

Garcia said the man continued talking about Milo and said, “special needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

“My personal feelings took over because that’s ignorance in my opinion and I told him ‘Sir, I won’t be able to serve you,'” Garcia tells

The man and his family got up and left the restaurant, while Milo’s family was unaware of the incident at all.

“Maybe there were other ways I could have handled it, but Milo is such an angel, he is a gift from God as are all special needs children,” Garcia said.

Garcia did not tell Milo’s family of the incident because he didn’t want to cause them any pain. He compared his actions to wanting to shield someone and said he hopes someone would do the same for his family. Another server told Milo’s family what Garcia had done.

“We can’t lose track of what this is about,” Garcia said about the amount of attention the story has gotten.

“It is about Milo, it is about educating ourselves and when people are different, why should you treat them any different?”

“It’s fear of the unknown,” he said.

Ridiculous Vending Machines from Around the World

pizza-vending-machineWhen you think of vending machines, you probably think of soda and candy bars. But around the world, vending machines are being used to sell crazy stuff.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most ridiculous vending machines out there:

  • Lettuce Vending Machine, Japan
  • Pizza Vending Machine, Europe
  • Banana Vending Machine, Japan
  • Wine Vending Machine, America
  • Burger Vending Machine, Moscow
  • Draft Beer Vending Machine, Japan
  • Sake Vending Machine, Japan
  • Live Crab Vending Machine, China
  • Sausage, Eggs, Milk And Cheese Vending Machine, Germany
  • French Baguette Vending Machine, France
  • Canned Bread Vending Machine, Japan
  • Pecan Pie Vending Machine, Texas
  • Caviar Vending Machine, Los Angeles
  • Live Lobster Vending Machine, Las Vegas

Woman’s Lost Dentures Found…In Throat

denturesHere’s a story to chew on…

A 75-year-old English woman misplaced her dentures and couldn’t find them anywhere. It was around this time that she began to feel ill and started having trouble breathing. It turns out, the dentures were in the last place she thought of looking – her throat.

Nermin Keating went to the doctor complaining of respiratory problems and was diagnosed with a lung infection and put on antibiotics. But it didn’t go away. She made trips to three more doctors who checked her out and put her on more antibiotics. Eventually, she visited one more doctor who actually looked down her throat and noticed the false teeth wedged in there. Finally, the last doctor pulled the teeth out, but only after they had been in her throat for nine weeks.

Woman Beats Boyfriend Unconscious While Holding Baby

woman-husband-2In Seattle, a woman managed to beat her boyfriend unconscious – with her newborn baby strapped to her chest.

Making matters even worse is the fact that she did this in the middle of the street, for all those walking by to see.

Sharee Seminole got into an argument with her boyfriend, who is also the child’s father.

According to witnesses, the argument became physical, with Sharee stomping on the boyfriend’s face at least eight times, kicking him repeatedly in order to knock him out and breaking his nose.

When the police intervened, she became unruly and refused to cooperate despite her child still strapped to her chest.

Sharee was eventually arrested and charged with second-degree assault. The child has been placed in protective custody

Is Subway Footlong Actually 11 Inches?

subway-11-inchesWhat’s in an inch? Apparently, enough missing meat, cheese and tomatoes to cause an uproar.

Subway, the world’s largest fast food chain with 37,000 locations, is facing criticism after an Australian man posted a picture on the company’s Facebook page of one of its famous footlong sandwiches next to a tape measure that seems to shows it’s just 11 inches.

More than 100,000 people have “liked” or commented on the photo, which has the caption “Subway pls respond.” Lookalike pictures have popped up elsewhere on Facebook. And The New York Post conducted an investigation that found four out of seven footlong sandwiches were shy of the 12 inches that makes a foot.

Ohio Teacher Sues School District Over ‘Fear of Children’

There are many things in life that make us go “hmmm,” and frivolous lawsuits are no exception.

A teacher in Ohio is filing a lawsuit against her school district for discrimination.  Now, you’re probably thinking its due to age, race or religious preference.  These are things we might consider typical when it comes to discrimination lawsuits.  However, Maria C. Waltherr is suing because her school district forced her to teach younger children, despite her fear of children.  Mariemont (Ohio) school district reassigned 61-year-old Waltherr, a French teacher for 35 years, from teaching high school to junior high.

In her lawsuit, Waltherr claims the district knew she had a phobia of children, and has suffered from this condition since the 1990’s, therefore, pressuring her to resign.

A Google search by the North Platte Post did reveal that a fear of children is a real condition.  It’s called pedophobia and has the following symptoms: terror, dread, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, nausea, dry-mouth and anxiety, and experts highly recommend that people with this condition choose a profession other than teaching.